Robust, Adaptive
Quantitative Strategy

Through sophisticated empirical analysis and machine-learning analytics, WingCapital Investments specializes in development of high reward-to-risk trading signals in multiple asset classes with the objective of consistently generate positive returns and outperform broader markets .



Large Cap US Stocks


All Major Index, Sector, FX, Commodities ETFs and ETNs


Long/Short signals for major Index and Commodities Futures including S&P E-minis, Gold, Oil, US Wheat

FX Pairs

Long/Short signals for major FX pairs including USD/JPY, EUR/USD, etc. In addition, we also provide real-time signals with intraday timeframes.

Sophisticated Methodology

Advanced Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning

  • Scans thousands of stocks, ETFs for bullish & bearish technical patterns that have positive expectancy
  • Predictive analytics which self-adapts and strives to outperform consistently over time
  • Searches for high-probability trading opportunities in both trending and choppy market environments
  • Well-defined reward-to-risk with target and stop prices projected using our advanced algorithm

Automated Portfolios

  • Fully automated portfolios in multiple asset classes through execution of our quantitative trading signals
  • Our long/short strategy strives to maximize alpha and reduce market beta to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns
  • All trades and portfolios are tracked daily in our proprietary portfolio management system WingDashboard as well as on MotifInvesting.


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